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Fire tech center 31_05

Our Fire Tech Center on the way for ISO 17025 accreditation

Hutchinson Fire Tech Center provides the highest level of expertise in fire science and testing

The Aerospace Fire Tech Center offers a large range of fire test capabilities to satisfy our customers testing needs and to support development and design of new materials and systems.


Among the tests implemented in our fire tech center: FAR25.853 (Vertical bunsen burner test), FAR25.856 (a) (Flame Propagation of insulation systems), FAR25.856 (b) (Burnthrough resistance of insulation systems), ISO2685/AC20-135 (Fire protection – aerostructures and engines), Smoke Density and Toxicity.


Hutchinson team dedicated to this Fire tech Center contributes as an active member to the FAA working groups on Flammability topics (International Aircraft Materials Fire Test Working Group; International Aircraft Systems Fire Protection Working Group). The Fire Tech Center is thus able to implement new test equipment foreseen by FAA and EASA to meet future regulation.


The Fire Tech Center is also equipped with a high performance thermal conductivity test bench per ASTM C-177 within an extended temperature range.


Our Fire Tech Center is already recognized by various OEM.


Certification to ISO 17025 is on the way and Hutchinson is pleased to announce that the Fire Tech Center will be accreditated as an independent laboratory in the coming months!


The Fire Tech Center (FTC) is located at Chemillé, France