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SLS 3D Printing

3D Printing SLS technology at Hutchinson

B-Brackets, Rings and Restrictors produced with 3D Printing SLS technology for Airbus by the end of July

Our parts (B-Brackets ; Rings ; Restrictors) produced with « 3D Printing Selective Laser Sintering technology will be delivered by the end of July For the ATA21 Air Conditioning System on the program« Airbus Beluga XL ». The materials and mechanical qualification stages on the Airbus Beluga XL program for our parts based on this « 3D Printing Selective Laser Sintering »process was completed at the end of 2016. The official qualification phase following the Airbus Process Instruction (AIPI) is now being finalized and we should get an ATP by the end of June.


Our « 3D Printing Selective Laser Sintering » workshop was installed following several years of collaborative research with the Corac (Conseil pour la Recherche Aéronautique Civile).


This technology make it possible to integrate more features into air conditioning pipes (deflectors, pressure ports) through this process, limiting the subsequent - and costly - assembly phases during manufacturing.


Following these first qualified products with Airbus, we will be able to look at ramping up and rolling out the 3D printing technology as standard for other applications and customers.